I worked on my Personal Progress all through my years in Young Women’s and never finished it! I recently had a baby girl, and realized how important it would be for me to set a good example and have completed my Personal Progress, so I started it from the beginning in February. Personal Progress binder has made it SO easy to keep track of all the different parts of each experience and make each part even more meaningful.  Even as a busy mom I am set to finish my Personal Progress by the end of the year! Thank you Personal Progress binder, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Cami H.  – Lehi, UT (Age 22, Mom to 1 :))

The personal progress binder has helped me a lot with personal progress! Especially with things that take more than a day. The little papers that you can hang up somewhere so you will see it and remember to do it really helps me.

Brinley – Cumming, GA

I love my personal progress binder pages! They make it so fun to do personal progress and really help me understand what the experiences are for. They help me to really think about what I learned instead of just hurrying and getting it done.

Ashley –

The personal progress binder has been an essential part of my personal progress! It has helped me so much with my personal progress. With this binder, it makes me always want to do personal progress because the binder is so cute and fun! I recommend the binder to everyone (especially procrastinators like me!)

Hailey – Salt Lake City, UT

Personal Progress can sometimes feel overwhelming and often times I felt like I didn’t have enough time to squeeze in PP into my day. This program makes PP easy and helps me manage the tasks of PP better. It helps me realize that if I sit down for ten minutes, read some scriptures, and fill in the banks that I can DO Personal Progress and get it done! It makes each task so easy. This program spells it out for you. There is no confusion! It makes Personal Progress so easy to do! It is also so amazing at helping you know which values you can double up on and knock out 2 at once! This program is AMAZING! It has helped me truly feel empowered and like I can do Personal Progress and not feel overwhelmed! It helps me to realize if I give it even just a small amount of time I can get things done! I am in LOVE with this program and feel so blessed to be able to use it and get my personal progress done.

Caitlyn C. – Dallas, TX

This was given as a Christmas gift to my daughter, Alyssa. At first glance I knew she would love the small size and the classy layout but there were two things in particular that really stood out to me.

On the main page for each value there is a different quote that brings a realness of why I hope Alyssa develops these values in her life. They underscore the beauty and purpose and fun of being a girl in our sometimes very confusing society.

I also like the layout for the many scripture passages the Personal Progress program requires. Instead of a laundry list of things to be read and forgotten the layout gently encourages more thought and understanding. In short, it will help Alyssa make the connection between here is a bunch of stuff I would like you to do and in her mind,  “why does that matter to me right now”.

Again, thank you for this beautiful gift and helping me raise a daughter who is committed to her Savior and the role she will play as she matures.

Nancy M. – Flagstaff, AZ

The binder helps me by tracking the days when the goal takes two weeks. The goals are simplified in the binder versus the personal progress book. I can just look over to the binder and get a clear list of the scriptures needed to be read. I am not an organized person, so the binder helps by organizing everything for me and keeping me on track with my personal progress.

Aolani G. – Richardson, TX

I absolutely love this binder! Sometimes personal progress can seem like a chore, or just another thing to cross off a to do list. By doing my personal progress with this book it helps you focus on key points. I know that I get a lot more out of the value experiences with it. I love the “double up” notes at the bottom of some experiences. It’s more efficient and you can get more done.

It’s especially helpful for me to be more efficient when doing personal progress because my schedule is very full. At school I take nine classes. One of them being AP. I also am a member of Velocity Dance Company. I have a total of seven hours a week dancing. Add studying and it just seems like I have no time left in the day to read my scriptures. With the tracking chart I can focus my energy and fill my spiritual bucket. Yay for personal progress!

Alyssa M. – Flagstaff, AZ