Personal Progress Binder


The Personal Progress Binder is your complete companion through the entire Personal Progress Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It includes worksheets, charts, checklists, and other motivators to help you every step of the way to receiving your Young Womanhood Recognition Medallion.

From Faith to Virtue and every value in between, you'll enjoy study outlines for required scriptures, removable daily charts to check off those experiences that take longer than an afternoon to complete, and journal pages to chronicle your experiences all housed in a sturdy, colorful, beautifully designed binder that fits easily in your church bag or purse!

Each binder features:

    • A Beautiful Full-Color Half-size Binder
    • 8 Full-Color Value Dividers
    • Worksheets for each value experience
    • Planning sheets for each value project
    • The exclusive Chevron Book of Mormon Reading Chart
    • Worksheets for “Write your own” experiences
    • Front Pocket to hold your Personal Progress Book